Serving the communities of Abridge& Lambourne End

Welcome to the October report from Lambourne Parish Council.

It is amazing how many people do not seem to think that the rules regard masks applies to them. The window at Abridge Budgens sums it up perfectly.

The wearing of masks by those using any shops and supermarkets is mandatory and more importantly a key point of trying to stop the spread of COVID. Please wear your mask and abide by this rule.

This rule is here to try and help us come out of this pandemic and back to some sort of normality.

As of writing this the new rules about no Social Groups of over six are in a place to try and stop COVID from spreading further and causing more Lockdowns.

On 29th August Amy and Hazel ran another Cake Sale with extra stalls on the Village Hall field. Even though the weather was not kind they raised £400 each for Lambourne School and Lambourne Church – Well done!

Abridge Shopper Bus The Parish Council have given a grant to Epping Forest Community Transport who run the Abridge Shopper Bus. This is a great service that needs to be used or it will not be able to carry on running. 

Abridge Christmas Lights The Christmas Lights will be switched on at 4.30 pm on Sunday 29th November with changes to normal years because of COVID and Social Distancing. The Lighting Fund is asking for any donations, large or small and there is a separate article with more details. 

Lambourne Neighbourhood WatchWe would fully recommend that all residents join this There is a link to the Application Form on the Lambourne Parish website.www.lambourneparishcouncil.org

Parish Roads and Pavements The Council report all damaged pavements and kerbs around the Parish and also ask that residents do the same on the link below. To report a Potholes, Broken Kerbs, road signs etc. If you see any of these around the Parish they can be reported via 03456 037631 or athttp://www.essexhighways.org/transport-and-roads.aspx

Our Clerk can be contacted on 07973 863820 during “office hours” orlambournepc@gmail.com

The next Parish Meeting should take place in the Lambourne Parish Rooms at 7.45 pm on 14th October 2

Because of COVID Social Distancing, this meeting will now be Zoom. Members of the public are always welcome and there will be a 15 minute Public Consultation where residents can talk with the Councillors. We look forward to seeing you there.