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The Parish Meeting will be on 17th May 2023 in the Abridge Village Hall. This starts at 7.30 pm.

there will be a Planning Meeting on 17th May 2023 at 7.15 pm.

There is a 15-minute Public Session at the start of each Council meeting. All are welcome. See MEETINGS for the Agenda.

The office hours of the Council are 9.30 am to 12.00 Noon, Monday to Friday. The phone will be answered between 9.30 am and 12 Noon, Monday to Friday. Please do not ring at other times.

The Council number is 07973 863820 or the email is



The junior swings on AVH field playground has been replaced and we are waiting on the Post Installation Inspection so that this can re-open.

Lambourne Parish Council serving the communities of Abridge and Lambourne End.

Think of Lambourne School which is situated in Hoe Lane, Abridge, and Lambourne Church, Church Lane, Abridge, which geographically stands right in the middle of the parish. Lambourne Parish is divided into two wards and is represented by 9 councilors, 6 of whom serve the Abridge ward and 3 who serve the Lambourne ward.

The council holds 10 meetings a year in the Abridge Village Hall and 2 meetings a year in the Lambourne Parish Rooms. Details of these meetings can be found on the link above or notice-board below.

The council holds monthly meetings with the first 15 minutes open to the public as a forum to express their views in relation to any community issues and concerns including Planning, Planning Enforcement, Parking, Transport, Highways, Playgrounds and Anti-Social Behaviour etc.

Everybody from both villages is welcome to attend any of our meetings and details of these are displayed on the notice boards of both village halls, in Linkup and on this website.

Emergency notice
Annual Parish Council Meeting (AGM) has been moved from 10th May to 11th May
Click here for full details

Lambourne Neighbourhood Watch

The Parish Council supports the Lambourne Neighbourhood Watch and highly recommends that every resident joins.

Latest Parish News

Play In The Park

Abridge Village Hall Field


July 2022
Play In The Park Poster

Play In The Park

Play in the Park is back on the Abridge Village Hall Field for three mornings this Summer.

Come along from 10 am to 12 Noon on Wednesday 27th July, 3rd August, and 10th August. FREE OF CHARGE.

Junior Swing Set Removed

Abridge Village Hall Field Playground


July 2022
Swing on AVH field

Junior Swings Removed

Following the Annual Playground Inspection, the two junior seats on the Swing Set have been removed while further investigation takes place.

The Council are sorry for any inconvenience and are dealing with this as quickly as possible.

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